On December 7, 2012 Jaxon complained of mild upper leg pain, we teased  him and told him he was having growing pains. The leg pain continued and he had a new complaint of low back pain by Sunday. I noticed he was also tender on his spine, I scheduled an appointment with his pediatrician. At Jaxons appointment he was no longer in any pain, he was tap dancing in the exam room.

I voiced my concerns about the spine tenderness to his doctor and she agreed although he looked pretty normal (tap dancing and all) we should run some tests. I will forever be thankful for Dr. Vicente for listening and knowing when to take action. I took Jaxon to the hospital for a xray and some blood work and then went home.  We had just finished dinner and I received the phone call from Dr. Vicente, she told me Jaxons blood work was irregular and she wanted him to go back to the hospital for a lumbar MRI....right now....like tonight...she had already called the radiologist and I was told to leave immediately.

I took Jaxon to have the MRI,  it was now 8pm. Jaxon did great in the MRI. He was calm and still, we then waited for the results. The ER doctor came in he almost couldn't look at me...then he gave me what I now call " the look". The MRI showed something in his pelvic area and spine. I had to make a quick decision, Jaxon needed to be transferred to a hospital that could treat him and I needed to pick one, however I did not have an actual diagnosis and it was 11:30pm. I now know the "look" is the expression on ones face when they don't know how or what to say because there is something devastatingly wrong with your child.

Johnny, Jaxon, and I arrived at Comer Children's Hospital at 2:30AM.  Doctors and nurses filled our room and questions came from all directions. Over the next couple days Jaxon was examined by neurologist, nephrologists and orthopedic surgeons. We had different diagnosis and options with each group. When the  three oncologist came in they told me to sit down.  I noticed the nurses standing in  the door,  I listened to the oncologist explain they had found a cancerous tumor in Jaxons left adrenal gland.

It didn't matter how I prepared myself when the oncologist said cancer my head felt light and I started to sweat. Jaxon was in the room looking at me waiting for a reaction.  Inside I was physically in pain and outside I was trying not to lose it in front of my son.  The doctors left I needed to leave the room and compose myself, not only for Jaxon but also to call my husband. I had to tell him our son had cancer. Johnny was already a wreck and trying to work through all of this. He had been calling me and checking in for updates wishing he was with us.

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